Bonnie Still

Certified Feline Training and Cat Behavior Specialist

I have always loved animals, whether it was a cat, dog or small animal. I currently live in Missouri with my husband. We have 3 cats, 2 gerbils, and a variety of fish.

My experience includes 10 years of working with cats in one of Kansas City’s largest, no-kill animal shelters – Wayside Waifs. While there, I met cats with various personalities and challenges. I created and managed various cat behavior programs. These programs helped the cats adjust to a stressful environment. Also, it provided their future family with valuable information about their new cat.

The Cat Retention Program supported families that already had a cat, but were experiencing behavioral problems with their cat. The program was designed to keep the cat with its family.


Animal Behavior Institute Specialized Certificate in Feline Training & Behavior

Humane Society of United States Cat Retention Program Certificate

Over 10 years experience working with shelter cats, including shy/fearful cats, aggressive cats, and cats surrendered due to unwanted behavior

Designed, led and trained staff and volunteers in successful behavior programs for in-shelter cats to increase their adoptability

Co-created and led a Cat Retention Program at one of Kansas City’s largest animal shelters to support the public with cat behavior issues

Developed and taught cat behavior classes for staff and volunteers