Wonderful Whiskers

A cat’s whiskers are also called vibrissae. These hairs are very sensitive and grow on a cat's face - above the eyes, near the ears, the jaw and also their legs. We mainly notice the hairs or whiskers to each side of the cats nose, and also above the eyes.  Whiskers are connected to a follicle full of nerves.

Cats can use their whiskers to determine if they can fit into certain spaces such as a box or tunnel.

They also use their whiskers to position their prey.  Cats do not have the best eye sight, however, their whiskers can detect vibrations in the air.  So, if their prey moves, they know it, and they will then get into position to pounce!

Cat whiskers do not need to be cut. Whiskers occasionally shed, so you might find a whisker on the floor once in awhile.  Some people believe that these whiskers bring good luck and keep them!

Because whiskers are so sensitive, cats require shallow and wide bowls to eat out of.  This way, their whiskers do not touch the bowl or at the very least, aren't crammed into the bowl.  Some cats will actually refuse to eat due to whisker stress.

You can even tell what kind of mood your cat is in by its whiskers.  Be sure to watch its ears and/or tail as well, as the combination of these might tell you much more.  This is beneficial especially if you have just added a new cat to your home and you are just getting to know him or her. If its whiskers are relaxed and sticking out to the side, your cat is feeling calm. If they are fanning out forward, your cat is excited and alert. If they are flattened against the cheeks, your cat might be angry, afraid or stressed.

Kittens are angels with whiskers.
- Unknown

I don't think the boys used their whiskers to determine if they would fit!

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