Consultation & Contact Info

Real World Cat Consulting Process


Before your first appointment is scheduled via Zoom, please submit this Behavior Consultation Form to

Using this form, you will provide basic historical information regarding your cat's behavior. By providing this form first, it allows us more time to discuss the behavior in greater detail.

Once I have reviewed the Behavior Consultation Form, I will contact you within 48 hours to set up the history-gathering meeting via Zoom. This meeting could last about an hour.

After the history-gathering, your Behavior Modification Plan will be created and provided to you within 48 hours via email (after the next payment). We will review this Plan together.

Support during the first month is included via email or video conference, as needed.

If further follow up is required there will be an additional charge (see below).





$200 US includes video conference history-gathering meeting, a customized Behavior Modification Plan, plus support during the first month.

Payment can be in full or $50 US paid 48 hours before the history-gathering meeting and the remaining $150 US paid 48 hours before the Behavior Modification Plan is created and sent to you. The Behavior Modification Plan will then be reviewed together via video conference.

Further follow up support will be an additional $50 US each session.