Testimonials for Real World Cat Consulting

“Bonnie is absolutely the best. You’d be hard pressed to find a better feline expert! Highly recommended.”

“Bonnie has seen and dealt with it all. She is a wealth of knowledge, stuff you won’t find in a book or on TV shows.”

Occasional Litterbox Misuse

“Thank you for your insight and suggestions.  It has been helpful and is making a difference!  Your professionalism and easy manner really helped through this process.  Appreciate it!”

New Cat Not Getting Along With Current Cats

“Bonnie was extremely helpful and supportive while working with her. If I ever need a cat behaviorist and support again, I will definitely reach out and work with her!”

Success at the Litterbox! Thank you Bonnie!

Hi my name is Henry Snugglebutt and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. About a year ago, I started peeing over the side of my litter box. My mummy works shift work and I was not happy about being left alone for the nights she works so this was my way to let her know my displeasure.
Mummy was frustrated as the issue continued after using all the proper enzyme urine cleansers and changing the litter in my litter box several times a week.
Then she remember her best childhood friend Bonnie Still was an expert in feline behavioral issues and she called Bonnie. Bonnie guided us with advice that with much patience and persistence we could solve the issue. Over the next two months I was able to adjust to a brand new litter box and even a new brand of litter successfully with Bonnie guiding us every step of the way.
As a happy cat I would advise seeking help with feline behavior concerns from Bonnie. Many issues can be improved with proper evaluation and guidance. Being patient is key and following the recommendations Bonnie provides will result in a happy cat and cat family, just like we did! Thank you Bonnie so very much!
H. Snugglebutt and Lynn (mum)

High Energy Cat!

“Your advice was so helpful. I wanted to say thanks again for that and it’s so nice to have a happier kitty!”

Change in Behavior After Being Away

“My sweet Winnie is so skittish that we could hardly pet her. She wanted love, but was afraid. After a consultation with Bonnie and following her simple suggestions, Winnie is now jumping in my lap. She lets me pet her, brush her & nuzzle her. She even sleeps in my bed sometimes. She purrs loudly. Not only am I enjoying this time with Winnie, I know that Winnie’s quality of life has improved as well. Thank you so much, Bonnie!”